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Bluey Party at Te Aroha Library

Join us at the Te Aroha Library for a family-friendly fun morning of games based on the hit children's show Bluey.

When: Saturday 9 September, 10am-12pm

Throughout the library will be stations for you to play with your whanau. Feel free to dress up if you like.

Keepy Upy - Balloon game of try to keep it up
Magic xylophone – Freeze dance game using the magic xylophone as the music to freeze people
Magic asparagus – Animal noises game. Point the magic asparagus at someone and say an animal and they have to act like that animal
Finger Football – Poke your fingers through our Bluey cut-outs and see how many goals you can score
Photobooth – Pose with Bluey and family cut outs and props and take photos with your phone
Library – Set up a play library with books, scanner, and dress-up costumes
Dance Party – In the main room, located next to our snacks table
Colouring pages – to colour in and take home