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Accessibility problems

We are committed to making our web site and web applications accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. If you encounter an accessibility problem while accessing our web site please contact us

Changing the text size

This website has flexible font sizes. If you want to increase or decrease the size of the font on any content page, simply click the a+, a, or a- buttons in the top right of the content screen.

Alternatively, you can increase or decrease your font size within your browser:

Using Internet Explorer

1. Open the View menu by pressing ALT + V.
2. Select Text Size by pressing X.
3. In the Text Size list, move to the text size option you want by pressing the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.
4. Press ENTER.

Using Firefox

Increase font size by pressing CTRL +
Reduce font size by pressing CTRL -

Turning off style sheets

We are aware that some users may experience contrast issues. We suggest turning off style sheets in your browser to see a text-only version of this site.

How to turn off style sheets

IE:Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Accessibility
Firefox: View > Page style > No style
Opera: View > Style > User mode
Safari (Mac): > No option available