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2021 Remembrance Day

Take time to pause and reflect on this Remembrance Day.

On 11 November at 11am, the Commonwealth will observe a one-minute silence to mark the end of WW1 and commemorate all those who have died or suffered in wars and armed conflicts.

Leading up to this day, recognize the sacrifices and challenges endured by learning more about these four terrible years.

Browse some of our books & eBooks around this timely topic in our catalogue. 

Some of these include:  'Chastise' by Max Hasting;  'The road less traveled' by Philip Zelikow;  'A Marine at Gallipoli on the Western Front' by Harry Askin;  'Fatal Charge at Gallipoli' by John Hamilton;  'Phenomenal and wicked' by John Crawford;  and 'Dambusters' by Max Arthur.


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