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Paying Library Fees

When you join the library, you agree to pay any associated fees. Fees are to be paid at the time they are incurred, and can be paid by cash or eftpos at any of our libraries, or by online banking.

Fees and charges are set by Council annually. You can see Library fees and charges below, or view the full Council Fees and Charges document here.

Online banking

02 0436 0021611 00 (BNZ Te Aroha).

Include reference code ‘LibFees’, your name and MV for Morrinsville Library, TA for Te Aroha Library or MM for Matamata Library. Please also send an email to  telling us the date of the payment, the amount it was for, and which library account you would like credited.



Item Rental cost Renewal cost
Hot Picks (popular Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction) $5.00 for two weeks $5.00
DVD's/Non-books $3.00+, varying load periods $2.00+


Item Charge per day
Hot Picks and magazines $0.50 per day
General Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction books $0.40 per day
DVDs/Non-books ($3.00) $1.00
DVDs/Non-books ($5.00) $2.00
DVDs/Non-books ($10.00) $3.00


Item Charge
Black and white photocopying - A4 $0.20 per side
Black and white photocopying - A3 $0.40 per side
Colour photocopying - A4 $0.50 per side
Colour photocopying - A3 $1.00 per side
Black and white printing from PC's $0.20 per side
Colour printing from PC's $0.50 per side

Other Service Charges

Service Charge
Internet Free (30 min at a time)
Photocopying See above
Interloans outside MPDC $10.00 plus associated costs
Reservations within MPDC Free (non-collection fee $2.00)
Lost or damaged items Cost of item plus $15.00 administration charge
Library card replacement $4.50
Withdrawn books $1.00
Te Aroha Meeting Room $10/hour
Subscription Membership (non-MPDC residents) $60/year