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Stepping Up computer classes continue

Our Stepping Up classes are continuing throughout April into May.  All three libraries will be hosting small classes in eBooks, computer basics, digital banking and more!  Stop by your local library to register your interest in our upcoming Stepping Up classes, or go online to 

Date Time Location Course
Friday 23/04/2021 10am Te Aroha Computer Basics
Thursday 29/04/2021 10am Te Aroha Google & the Internet
Monday 03/05/2021 10am Te Aroha Email 2 (Using Email)
Monday 10/05/2021 10am Te Aroha Intro to Chromebooks
Wednesday 26/05/2021 10am Te Aroha Smart Phones
Monday 31/05/2021 10am Te Aroha Intro to Tablets
Date Time Location Course
Tuesday 20/04/2021 10am Morrinsville Google & the Internet
Wednesday 21/04/2021 10am Morrinsville Email 2 (using email)
Tuesday 04/05/2021 10am Morrinsville Computer Basics
Tuesday 11/05/2021 10am Morrinsville Intro to Tablets
Tuesday 18/05/2021 10am Morrinsville Digital Banking
Tuesday 25/05/2021 10am Morrinsville Smart Phones
Thursday 27/05/2021 10am Morrinsville  Computer Basics
Date Time Location Course
Wednesday 21/04/2021 10am Matamata eBooks & eReaders
Wednesday 05/05/2021 10am Matamata Computer Basics
Wednesday 19/05/2021 10am Matamata Intro to Digital Banking
Wednesday 26/05/2021 10am Matamata Email 1 and Email 2 (setting up and using email)
Thursday 10/06/2021 10am Matamata Intro to Digital Banking
Wednesday 16/06/2021 10am Matamata Computer Basics

For more information, see our Library Services page.

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