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Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction isn’t an easy genre to classify. It often overlaps other genres, and now refers to any genre – whether Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Historical – in which Christian beliefs play a strong role in the plot and/or characters of the novel.
As a result, the subject itself has broadened and developed, especially over the last ten years. So we’ve made up several top ten lists to help you navigate our Christian Fiction collection. These come in a variety of formats:

1. Colleen Coble (She also writes Historical)
2. Lynette Eason
3. Susan Sleeman
4. Lisa Harris
5. DiAnn Mills
6. Elizabeth Goddard
7. Irene Hannon (She also writes romance)
8. Dani Pettrey
9. Nancy Mehl
10. Joel C. Rosenberg

1. Karen Kingsbury
2. Kara Isaac
3. Becky Wade
4. Rachel Hauck
5. Susan May Warren
6. Robin Lee Hatcher (also writes historical and books set in two time periods)
7. Denise Hunter
8. Melissa Tag
9. Janice Thompson
10. Kathryn Cushman

1. Tosca Lee
2. Ted Dekker
3. Frank Peretti
4. Donita K Paul
5. Rachelle Dekker
6. R J Larson
7. Ronie Kendig
8. Anne Elizabeth Stengl
9. Dann A Stouten
10. Patrick W Carr

1. Tracie Peterson
2. Pepper Basham
3. Sarah Sundin
4. Jen Turano
5. Shelley Shepard Gray
6. Melanie Dickerson
7. Karen Witemeyer
8. Amanda Cabot
9. Elizabeth Camden
10. Margaret Brownley