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teenSO BLACKA blade so black

by Leatrice McKinney

The first time the Nightmares came, it nearly cost Alice her life. Now she's trained to battle monstrous creatures in the dark dream realm known as Wonderland with magic weapons and hardcore fighting skills. Yet life in real-world Atlanta isn't always so simple; even warriors have a curfew. But when Alice's handsome and mysterious mentor is poisoned, she has to find the antidote by venturing deeper into Wonderland than she's ever gone before.



Villain (Gone #8)


by Michael Grant

 In a world where monsters do battle with superpowered humans, Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, and a new mutant with unmatched powers must stop a failed stand-up comic who can now control anyone with the power of his voice. The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors within have spread. The alien virus-infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters. Into the chaos comes a villain with the power to control anyone with just the sound of his voice. Dillon Poe wanted to be a comedian once, but everyone made fun of him. Now he's sending thousands to their deaths. The only people who stand in his way are the superpowered heroes: Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo... and a new mutant with unmatched powers.


teenDARIUSTHEGREATDarius the Great is not okay

by Adib Khorram

Darius Kellner speaks better Klingon than Farsi, and he knows more about Hobbit social cues than Persian ones. He's a Fractional Persian -- half, his mom's side -- and his first ever trip to Iran is about to change his life. Darius has never really fit in at home, and he's sure things are going to be the same in Iran. His clinical depression doesn't exactly help matters, and trying to explain his medication to his grandparents only makes things harder. Then Darius meets Sohrab, the boy next door, and everything changes. .



Everything I never saidteeneverythingindex

by Samantha Wheeler

Ava would like nothing more than to tell her family she loves them, particularly her big sister, Nic. But Ava has Rett syndrome - she can't talk, can't nod her head, can't even point at a communication card. She understands everything, but no one understands her. When tragedy strikes her family, Ava becomes even more determined to talk. But it's not until she meets occupational therapist Kieran and new friend Aimee that she is hopeful for change - and to find her voice at last. A powerful novel about a subject rarely tackled - young people with disabilities and the families who love and support them.


teenuniverseThe universe is expanding and so am I

by Carolyn Mackler

As New York City teenager Virginia learns to accept her plus-size body and struggles to cope with her brother's suspension from college for date rape, she finds herself losing interest in boyfriend Froggy and growing closer to new boy Sebastian until a terrible secret threatens everything.




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