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Kiwanis' Summer Reading Programme

Kiwanis' Summer Reading Programmes are all about getting kids into reading, and keeping them reading over the summer holidays.  We also aim to help your children get better at finding information in the library and get to know the librarians who work there. The theme for 2018/19 is The Great Adventure!

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Summer Reading Club 2018/19 Registrations Open

The Summer Reading Club registrations are now open. 

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We loved seeing the kids take part in all the fun activities in 2017/18 - check out the photo gallery for some of the photos of kids completing their challenges and taking part in the finale party!

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Kiwanis’ The Great Adventure Summer Reading Programme is designed to encourage your children to read over the school holiday break.  We also want to help your children get better at finding information in the library and get to know the librarians who work there.

Instructions to the family:

For each day the child reads, please ask them to colour in a backpack on page 4-5. As all children read at a different pace, we are only doing one backpack for the day rather than one for each book.

Children can complete any of the challenges.  There are 3 levels of challenges – Easy, Medium and Tricky.  Your child can choose the challenge level that best suits them.  This means the challenges are adaptable from 5 – 13 years of age.

The children need to complete at least different four challenges by the 21st of January, to be invited to the finale party.  To be in the draw for the grand prize, they must have read at least half the total number of days they have been signed up, completed 4 challenges and 3 check-ins.  Anything completed above this (i.e. bonus email challenges), gives the child extra entries into the grand prize draw.  This will be held at our finale party.

Additionally, we will have a wall of fame on our website!  We will be (with your permission) posting photographs throughout the programme.  We hope this will encourage the children to complete challenges and feel inspired by other children. You can visit this at:

We ask that you do 3 visits across the course of the programme (2 of which must be done in the library).  If you are going away, you can complete one check in online! The visits can be done any time over the course of the programme but we are limiting check-ins to one per week.  There are not a set number of challenges that the children have to complete in order to check in.

During a check in, the librarian will discuss with the child what books they have been reading and any of the challenges they have completed. We ask that the children bring along their books and finished challenges so that we can talk to them about the challenges they have completed.  The librarian will give them a stamp for each challenge completed.

The backpacks are there to mark the number of days your child reads. If they don’t manage to read every day, that’s okay – they can just skip colouring in a backpack for that day. We haven’t put a time limit of how long they should read each day because each child is an individual and will read a different amount. 

Please feel free to help with any challenges they are finding difficult, or even take it on as a family project! Family encouragement will help your child to stay motivated and enjoy the programme. Have a look at our Facebook page:

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