Book club

300s, 500s, 800s

A lively group met on Friday at Te Aroha library to usher in the first official day of Spring with some vigorous discussion on your ‘Authors starting with A’ books.  Once again the breadth of your choices was impressive.  We had Mafia thrillers, suburban frolics and angsty short stories, to name but a few.

Now the focus switches to non-fiction.  Your next meeting is Friday, October 6th, and you can choose a book from any of the following Dewey numbered sections: 300s, 500s or 800s.

In the 300s you’ll find books to do with relationships, crime, law - even fashion.  (Maybe even crimes against fashion??)  This is the section loosely labelled Social Sciences.

The 500s are Natural Sciences – here you really can read about Life, the Universe and Everything – as long as by everything you mean dinosaurs, plants, birds and animals.

The 800s are a treasure trove of all things literary: poetry, drama and all the background on famous writers both in New Zealand and further afield.

So this time round you have an enormous range to choose from, which should ensure some fascinating discussion come the next meeting.