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The besties to the rescueGargantis (Legends of Eerie-on-Sea #2)

by Thomas Taylor

There's a storm brewing over Eerie-on-Sea, and the fisher folk say a monster is the cause. Someone has woken the ancient Gargantis, who sleeps in the watery caves beneath this spooky seaside town where legends have a habit of coming to life.
It seems the Gargantis is looking for something: a treasure stolen from her underwater lair. And it just might be in the Lost-and-Foundery at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, in the care of one Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder.
With the help of the daring Violet Parma, ever-reliable Herbie will do his best to figure out what the Gargantis wants and who stole her treasure in the first place.
In a town full of suspicious, secretive characters, it could be anyone!








 The boys in the waka amaMy Calm Me Down Book

by Tracey Moroney

Having a tanty? Chucking your toys out of the cot? Throwing a wobbly? These are just some of the phrases we use to describe having a tantrum. While it is easy to make fun of such an event, it represents emotional turmoil - or a feelings storm - happening within.
This book describes feelings that create these storms and offers children a range of proven techniques to help calm the storm inside them - such as: breathing activities, physical activities, sensory play, imaginative or creative thinking, positive self-talk and mindfulness.






 Iguana's bananasThe Map of Half Maps

by Andrew Daddo 

Atticus Van Tasticus is back. And this time he means business.
Having escaped certain disaster on the high seas, he's on the scent of treasure. Then the call comes from above: 'Ship ahoy, Captain, ship ahoy!' If only it were good news, which of course it ain't. Vicious, mean and mighty unclean Bjorn Ironhead is on the warpath – and Atticus and his crew are in his sights. Stay and fight, or run and hide?
But where do you hide a pirate ship, and who's this Captain Half Map, and, most of all, where's that TREASURE OF TREASURRRRES?!
Join Atticus and his crew as they roll from one adventure to certain disasterrrrr… 






The Good ThievesMoa's Ark

by Katherine Rundell

Vita Marlowe may be small, but she greets New York City as a boxer greets an opponent before a fight: she sets her jaw at it.
Fresh off the boat from England, she has a job to do in the city. Her beloved grandfather Jack has been cheated out of his home and possessions by the infamous mafia boss, Victor Zaroff. Seeing Jack's spirit is broken, Vita is frightened and desperate to make him happy again, so she devises a plan to outwit his enemies and recover his fortune. But the plan requires some highly unusual skills and so she sets about finding some highly unusual friends to help her out.
Katherine Rundell's fifth novel is a heist as never seen before the story of a girl who will do anything to defend the grandfather she loves and whose capacity for friendship, generosity and compassion wins the hearts of everyone she meets.







 Grumpy Unicorn

Time to Pee!

by Mo Willems

Potty training is an adventure when introduced by celebrated children's author and illustrator Mo Willems.
With Mo's signature wit and style, readers embark on a hilarious journey from inkling to tinkling.
Featuring a crew of supportive sign-wielding mice, first-timers are amused and inspired to reach for the stars and pee.







Children's Non-Fiction

Space centre

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Sport

by Chris Hawkes

This exciting book for children is packed with fun facts about a range of popular sports such as football, karate, badminton, and skiing, as well as ones you might never have heard of like biathlon or cheese rolling.
Whether you're a fan of team sports, winter sports, water sports, extreme sports, and even board games such as chess and go, this book has it all.
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Sports also celebrates the unique talents, lives, and careers of sporting heroes such as Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Yuna Kim, Lin Dan, and Donald Bradman, and chronicles the most celebrated stories in sporting history, such as breaking the four-minute mile, Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10, and Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Sports features everything from obscure rules and strange equipment, to moments of triumph and sporting events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympics, Paralympics, and more--this is the perfect book for budding superstars everywhere.




Hoot and Howl Across the Desert

by Vassiliki Tzomaka

Discover the remarkable plants and animals that live in the world's driest climates--both hot and cold! With beautifully illustrated landscapes, this book proves just how much life exists in the world's deserts.
Travel around the globe and encounter hundreds of rare and little-known plants and animals that thrive in dry environments. Learn about nocturnal species who occupy the deserts, common survival tactics, lethal creatures to watch for, and how the desert food chain functions. 







 The book of kings : magnificent monarchs, notorious nobles, and distinguished dudes who ruled the world

Anzac Girl : the war diaries of Alice Ross-King

by Kate Simpson

It was 1914 when Sister Alice Ross-King left Australia for the war. Nursing was her passion - all she had ever wanted to do.
But Alice couldn't have imagined what she would see. She served four long years and was brave, humble and endlessly compassionate.
Using extracts from Alice's actual diaries kept in the Australian War Memorial, this true story captures the danger, the heartache and the history of the young nurse who would one day become the most decorated woman in Australia.








 The book of queens : legendary leaders, fierce females, and wonder women who ruled the worldA Modern Nerd's Guide to Steampunk

by Nicole Horning

Steampunk isn't easy to define. Is it a literary genre, a fashion style, or a way of life? For many people, it's all three!
The world of steampunk combines the look of the steam-powered 19th century with the technology of the present or ideas about the future. This fun way to bring history and STEM topics together is popular with people of all ages, and this helpful guide gives young readers essential information about steampunk--from its roots to ways to dress like a steampunk character.
Vibrant photographs, detailed graphic organizers, and informative sidebars enhance this exciting reading experience.







Updated 13/06/2020