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CJULYsprout seedThere's an alien in your book

by Tom Fletcher

You'll have to help Alien back up into space, because aliens don't belong on Earth . . . do they?



CJULYstorm boyPig the tourist

by Aaron Blabey

You can't take him anywhere! When Pig, the world's greediest pug, goes on holidays, he causes chaos wherever he travels! But every party must come to an end.



CJULYrowley diaryThe Bad Guys in Do-you-think-he-saurus?! (Bad Guys #7)

by Aaron Blabey

"Nothing on Earth could rival the terrifying power of the DINOSAURS. Except maybe that Wolf over there...yeah, the one standing next to the Snake and the Shark and that other sardiney-looking thing. HUH?! This is ALL wrong. This is ALL bad. This is ALL awesome. It's time to get your Jurassic on, baby. It's time... for the BAD GUYS EPISODE 7! PLUS! Bonus pages! An exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into Mad Marmalade's world!" 




CJULYfantastic facesWhere's the sloth?

by Andrew Rowland

Suzi the sloth is going on holiday and taking all her friends with her. Sloths are more adventurous than you may think and they plan to travel far and wide to the busy streets of Delhi, the canals of Amsterdam and even the beaches of Sydney. Pack your passport and get ready for a globetrotting adventure to find Suzi's pals in their new urban jungles.


CJULYwhen people dieYou can be an entomologist!

by Dino Martins

"There are more than one million different kinds of insects in the world ... and curious young minds seem to have just as many questions about them! 


Updated 05/08/2019