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Children's Fiction

Construction SiteConstruction site

by Jill McDonald

Introduces vehicles commonly found at a construction site, including steamrollers, dump trucks, and excavators.



Mr KiwiMr Kiwi has an important job

by Heather Hunt

Job sharing is nothing new for kiwi. For millions of years, dedicated kiwi parents have worked together to successfully hatch their precious chicks. What is Mr Kiwi's important job?



FrozenElsa's epic journey

by Susan Amerikaner

Elsa follows a mysterious voice north on a quest to discover why she has magical powers!





Edmund the dazzling dancer (Stardust School of Dance #4)
Edmund the dazzling

by Zanni Louise

When Madam Martine asks Edmund to choose the dance for Stardust to perform at the Gala, it's never going to be an ordinary performance. Edmund is excited to make it something original, something incredible. A true extravaganza! On top of Edmund's Gala planning, he is helping Dad out at the family restaurant. Edmund wants to impress his dad with his amazing Gala performance. But with everything happening at the restaurant, will Dad even make it to the Gala? And will Edmund be able to pull off his grand plans?




Plants vs. ZombiesPlants vs. Zombies

by Paul Tobin

Dr. Zomboss creates an army of teeny zombies to try and sneak up on all the brains in Neighborville! To battle these miniscule menaces, the plants, Crazy Dave, Patrice, and Nate must shrink themselves to have any chance at defeating the zombies. But how will Neighborville's insects react to the invasion of their turf-of-the-tiny? And will this miniature zombie invasion mean the party for Crazy Dave's two-hundred-year-old pants gets cancelled?



Children's Non-Fiction

Tigers : a 4D book

by Kathryn Clay

Did you know tigers are the biggest members of the cat family? Read to learn more about their size and other facts about this mammal. Bring augmented reality to your students by downloading the free Capstone 4D app and scanning for access to awesome videos!


Build It. Medieval WorldMedieval World : make supercool models with your favorite LEGO parts

by Jennifer Kemmeter

This series of visually rich instruction books for LEGO(R) creations is perfect for children ages 5 and up. Inside Build it! Medieval World, you'll find a range of creative models from to put together, created using bricks that LEGO(R) obsessives may already have at home -- from castles to dragons, princesses to knights, and much more. Each book in this interactive series contains 3-5 dioramas featuring a diverse range of models. 


marchcnfrockpoolsRock Pools : a guide for Kiwi kids

by Ned Barraud

What New Zealand child is not delighted by a rockpool at low tide, with its colourful, fascinating array of creatures, some still, some flitting about? Rock Pools is a book designed to enhance this experience, with each page presenting an intriguing glimpse into the creatures that inhabit these low-tide wonderlands. All of the common creatures from New Zealand seashore, including crabs, sea anemones, starfish, barnacles and shrimps, and many more, feature in this fantastic book, which cannot help but delight and encourage children to interact with the natural world


Updated 04/03/2020