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The secret life of books

Pick 'em up, read 'em, put 'em down again. That's about it with books, isn't it?

Wrong, as it happens. Turns out the humble book is more multi-purpose than we ever imagined. Check out some of the unexpected uses for those unassuming tomes…

book safeThe book safe
It's an actual thing. You can even learn how to make your own on Pinterest.



The book buildingbook igloo
Or, to be precise, the book igloo. Just watch that roof.



book pillowBook as pillow
We understand the best pillow is a 500-plus page paperback, well-thumbed, but clean. The jury is still out on whether knowledge from the book will actually seep into your brain as you sleep.


Book as furniturebook bench
This literary wonder resides at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.




book benchBook as pest control
Not recommended, especially if you were thinking of using a library book. The very idea.








book flowersBook as flower-press
Again, NOT with a library book. Please.



book xylothekBook as cata-log
Real name, xylothek. Books that are both made from wood, and feature wood specimens. Very popular in late 18th century Germany, apparently.



book nunchucksBooks as weapon of self-defencebook self defence
(Thanks to for this useful tip.) There are even instructional videos to show you how to wield that best-seller in a weaponly way.


Better still, carry this little gem in your handbag/manbag for every occasion. Hai-yah!




Do you have novel uses for books we haven't covered? Let us know, and we can publish them in The Secret Life of Books, Part Two.

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