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Wild Kingdom Reading Programme

Kiwanis Summer Reading Programmes are all about getting kids into reading, and keeping them reading over the summer holidays.  We also aim to help your children get better at finding information in the library and get to know the librarians who work there. This year's theme is Wild Kingdom!

How does it work?

Registered kids can pick up an activity book from any library from 11 December. For each day they read, they can colour in a paw print on page 4 of their activity book. As all children read at a different pace, they colour in a pawprint for each day they read, rather than one for each book.

Children can complete any of the challenges in their activity book. They need to complete at least four challenges by 22 January to be invited to the finale party. The more challenges they do, books they readand and activities they attend at the library, the more points they gain. The overall winner (who has completed the most challenges, email bonus challenges and read for the highest number of days) will win their very own Robot (if their is a tie, the prize winner will be a draw).

Registrations open on 1 December.

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Checking in

We ask that you 'check in' at least three times during the course of the programme (2 must be done in the library). If you are going away, you can complete one check in online! The visits can be done any time over the course of the programme but with a maximum of once per week. There is no set number of challenges that the children have to complete in order to check in.

During a check in, the librarian will discuss with the child what books they have been reading and any of the challenges they have completed. We ask that the children bring along their books or finished challenges so that we can talk to them about the challenges they have completed.

The librarian will give them a stamp for each challenge completed.

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Photo Gallery

Throughout the programme we'll be building a gallery featuring some of the great work kids submit as they complete challenges, and photos from the activities. You can even submit your own photos on the gallery page!

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Do it together and have fun!

Please feel free to help with any challenges they are finding difficult, or even take it on as a family project! Family encouragement will help your child to stay motivated and enjoy the programme.

Wild kingdom animals