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Children's Fiction

CJULYsprout seedTe taiao huri noa = The world around us

by Katie Kool

It's a big wide world out there, full of curiosities and wonderments that catch the eyes of Kiwi kids. This latest book from the dynamic duo of Katie Kool and Cindy Tan showcases delightful illustrations of familiar items with their English and Te Reo Maori words. And just to keep the little ones on their toes, there is a bonus list of things to find to help with engagement and recall.



CJULYstorm boyTen minutes to bed little unicorn

by Rhiannon Fielding

Weaving a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, the 10 minute countdown to bed is at the heart of this enchanting story. But will Twinkle get to bed on time? This beautifully illustrated picture book is the perfect length for sending little ones off to sleep.


  CJULYrowley diaryAunt Nasty

by Margaret Mahy

Aunt Nasty is coming to stay. Claire and Toby don't know what to expect. You see, Aunt Nasty isn't like other aunties...





The 117-storey treehouseseptcftreehouse

by Andy Griffiths

Andy and Terry's treehouse now has 13 new storeys, including a tiny-horse level, a pyjama-party room, an Underpants Museum, a photo-bombing booth, a waiting room, a Door of Doom, a circus, a giant-robot-fighting arena, a traffic school, a water-ski park filled with flesh-eating piranhas and a treehouse visitor centre with a 24-hour information desk, a penguin-powered flying treehouse tour bus and a gift shop. Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!



septcfpowerupPower up (Invincibles # 1)

by Peter Millett

One day Tana, Scotty, Zinnia, Andrea and Muzza are zapped by lightning on a footy field and transformed into a team of POWERED-UP heroes known as The Invincibles. But the clock is ticking... they have 80 minutes before its game over and their powers vanish! So when Tricky Ricky hatches a sinister scheme to ruin the reputation of the mighty national team the All Greats, it’s The Invincibles alone who can save them. Can the team work together to use their powers before disaster strikes? 



Children's Non-Fiction

CJULYfantastic facesWe worship here series

by Angela Wood

A first introduction to places of worship from around the world




CJULYwhen people dieOn the internet : our first talk about online safety

by Jillian Roberts

Nonfiction picture book addresses common safety concerns and offers rationales for why it's important to maintain boundaries online just as in real life.



septcnfsoilNema and the Xenos : a story of soil cycles

by Ailsa Wild

This is a story about tiny creatures that live in the darkness of the soil. When a tree cries out in pain, some unexpected heroes come to the rescue. Nema and her gang of young nematodes (tiny worms) embark on a dangerous journey underground. The Xenos, a group of wise but deadly bacteria, hitch a ride. 



septcnfinventionsImpossible inventions : ideas that shouldn't work

by Małgorzata Mycielska

A funky and fascinating collection of ideas, patents, and plans. Some are revolutionary, others comical, others simply impossible. But each testifies to the extraordinary imaginations of their inventors.




septcnfreadingMy weird reading tips

by Dan Gutman

Presents a guide to reading critically, offering tips and activities to improve reading comprehension, covering such topics as point of view, context clues, rhyme schemes, and deciphering fact from fiction. The ability to read critically is an essential skill vital to success in school. For example, do you know what point of view means? Or how to "read" a picture? Can you tell fact from opinion? Well, whether you're a kid who's just starting to read by yourself or a future librarian --or both! --this book of tips and activities to improve your reading comprehension skills is so much fun you'll forget you're learning! 


Updated 05/09/2019