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The besties to the rescue


A Robot Girl Ruined My Sleepover

by Rebecca Patterson

Feeling lonely? Need a friend who thinks you're the best? And can help you with your school work? Well, look no further, Livewires Corporation's latest cyborg child friend model is for you.
Make best friends with a cyborg kid today!
It's 2099 and Lyla has a new friend, a robot girl!
It's Clara 2.2's first day at school and Lyla has been chosen to be her buddy.
Clara is perfect in every way and she makes Lyla feel special too. But when it comes to having fun, Lyla finds out that maybe her new friend isn't quite so perfect after all.






 The boys in the waka ama



Art Time!      (Hotdog #8)

by Anh Do

Hotdog, Kev and Lizzie enter an art contest at the local museum.
But what happens when someone steals the most famous painting there — the Llama Lisa!?
Can Hotdog and his friends chase down the robbers?




 Iguana's bananas

Passion for Fashion

by Meredith Costain

The School Disco is just around the corner and Ella has an idea for a costume that will be adorable. And also excellent. And fantabulously fabulous!
Soon, using Mum's old sewing machine, Ella is stitching and gluing super-stylish outfits and costumes.
When all her friends start sewing too, Ella realises that she's not the only one with a passion for fashion. She's started an amazing sewing Craze!!





 Moa's Ark


The Lost Moustache

by Vikki Conley

When Frankie finds a moustache in a theatre, she is completely baffled.
Who loses a moustache?!
Frankie launches an investigation, determined to return the moustache to its rightful owner.
Engaging, amusing and delightfully quirky, The Lost Moustache is a fun and beautifully illustrated story about a little girl's curiosity and playfulness.




 Grumpy Unicorn


My New Red Car

by David Minty

Two friends discover a trail of destruction as they search for their missing car.
They find flattened cars, cars embedded into houses, even cars tangled in power lines!
As the search unfolds, they suddenly come face-to-face with the culprit.




 july20 visiting grandma


Visiting Grandma

by Jane Va'afusuaga

 A children's picture book about a Samoan family set in New Zealand from the perspective of a pakeha girl. A normal event in one culture may seem odd to another culture. But when pakeha Rachel goes with her new Samoan friend Luisa to visit her grandmother, it's not quite what Rachel expects.



july20 karate kids


Karate Kids

by Holly Sterling

Join Maya and all her friends as they get together at the dojo for their Saturday karate class!
There are moves to remember, blocks to practise, and punches to perfect!
Maya is a white belt, which means she's still a beginner, but with focus, balance and determination - and a little helping hand from her friends - can she show Sensei what she's got?



Children's Non-Fiction

july20 rush


Rush to Riches : kauri and gold

by Gordon Ell

Colonising New Zealand was as much of a search for wealth as an imperial venture. The rush to exploit the country's gold and kauri is a story of innovation and determination, as well as suspicion and thuggery. The rushes of both industries drew Maori and British, and also Americans, Australians, Dalmatians and Chinese to these shores. They brought their various cultures and adapted technology to extract their desired riches - kauri timber and gum from forests and fields in the north, gold from the rivers and mountains mostly in the south. Rush to Riches: Kauri and Gold explains the history and processes of both these formative industries, along with characters that became famous and infamous as they toiled to become rich. Plentiful illustrations and information boxes show how these industries shaped our society and left their mark on our environment.





 Updated 10/07/2020