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janc Hedgehog

Hedgehog howdedo

by Lynley Dodd

It is winter and the garden is full of sleeping hedgehogs. All is peaceful now, but what will happen when they wake up in spring?


janc lonely monsterDave the lonely monster

by Anna Kemp

Monstrous beasts have feelings too! This lively story of a lonely monster called Dave, who lives all alone in a retirement cave, is a lighthearted reminder that we should treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves - and that we could all do with a bit more monster in our lives! Another classic-in-the-making from this unbeatable duo.


janc princessLittle Princess Snow-Bean (Lily D, VAP # 3)

by Madeleine West

Into the Woods is one seriously mixed-up fairytale musical. FACT! Lily D is not excited about the musical. No way! And then she chooses to play a totally made up character! So weird! But it is when the doctor reports Lily D's tonsillitis is back again that things turn totally upside-down. Everyone around Lily D seems to be performing fairytale characters! Spooky and cool! All of this makes Lily D wonder, can fairytales really help her to be brave?



janc too coolA funny thing happened to Simon Sidebottom. 2 : too cool for school (Simon Sidebottom # 2)

by Paul Crumble

Simon's (still) having a bad day. Its the first day back at school and things are going from BAD to EMBARRASSINGLY BAD for Simon Sidebottom. Can things get any worse? Yes! Because YOU get to choose what happens next. Will Simon be undone by Principal Fart-Smells? Will his teacher, Miss Giraffe, meet a ferretty end? Will Simon have his hair vacuumed off by the creepy school cleaner?


Janc mouseMice on the runway (Mouseford Academy #12)

by Thea Stilton

Colette has been selected to plan a student-run fashion show at Mouseford Academy, and her friends the Thea Sisters rally around to help. There's a runway to build, fashion bloggers to invite, and clothes to design. And as usual, diva mouse Ruby Flashyfur has a plan to land herself in the spotlight. Will she succeed, or will Colette and the Thea Sisters come out on top?




birdnestsBird nests 

by Stacy Tornio

This book explains the process and materials that birds use to build nests. This book's colorful photos, clear text, and "A Closer Look" feature highlight the engineering that makes this structure such a marvel and helps birds survive in the wild



Jan cnf The Bee BookThe bee book

by Charlotte Milner

Bees are incredibly industrious, brilliant at building, super social and – more importantly – responsible for a third of every mouthful we eat! Learn to appreciate our fuzzy friends, discovering why their survival matters so much. 


jancnfBugsBugs don't hug : six-legged parents and their kids

by Heather Montgomery

Meet the mamas and papas of the insect world. Most insects don't take care of their young, but some do - in surprising ways. Some bugs clean up after their messy little ones, cater to their picky eaters, and yes some do hug their baby bugs. A fun and clever look at parenting in the insect world, perfect for backyard scientists.   


Updated 08/01/2019