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Happy Birthday WombatHappy birthday wombat

by Jackie French

She eats, she sleeps, she scratches. But today it's Mothball's birthday and it's time to celebrate!




Miss KrakenMiss Kraken

by Nicki Greenberg

The minute we saw Miss Kraken, we all knew it was going to be a bad year. She's cranky. She's strict. She's just plain . . . weird. Miss Kraken is definitely not the teacher the kids were hoping for. But she might have a surprise or two up her sleeves. A hilarious tale of bad behaviour and unexpected consequences.




by Emmons, Scott

The StoryBots introduce the triceratops and describe their physical appearance, what they ate, and how they defended themselves against other dinosaurs.





The dragon's breakfast
the dragons breakfast

by Vivian French

Princess Persephone Stephanie Tiffany Jane ("Pom" for short) HATES being a princess. Her parents have no time for her - especially her dad, the King of Struggen, who's busy plotting against the neighbouring kingdom of Thrum. So when a friendly young orphan named Billy appears at the palace, Pom decides to run off with him. She's after adventure, and knows exactly where she'll find it: Bullion Island, a tiny patch of land that stands exactly between Struggen and Thrum. Legend has it that there's pirate treasure hiding in Bullion's sea-caves, guarded by a fearsome dragon - but nobody knows for sure, because no sailor has managed a return trip. But Pom isn't afraid of dragons ... or anything else!



GlimmeThe Glimme

by Emily Rodda

Lone Annie sees dragons in your future...She sees giants. She sees fire and water. She sees death. Finn's life in the village of Wichant is hard. Only his drawings of the wild coastline, with its dragon-shaped clouds and headlands that look like giants, make him happy. Then the strange housekeeper from a mysterious clifftop mansion sees his talent and buys him for a handful of gold and then reveals to him seven extraordinary paintings. Finn thinks the paintings must be pure fantasy - such amazing scenes and creatures can't be real! He's wrong. 



Children's Non-Fiction
Let's look at Greece

Let's look at Greece

by Nikki Bruno Clapper

Welcome to Greece! Gaze at the crumbling walls of ancient ruins. Cross the Aegean Sea to a volcanic island. Learn about the people, places, and traditions of the country where the Olympic Games began. 




Atlas of monsters and ghostsAtlas of monsters and ghosts

by Federica Magrin

Join famous monster hunter Van Helsing on a trip around the globe to find haunted castles, restless spirits, terrifying dragons, wicked witches, and more. Learn the defining characteristics of each beast, where it can be found and--most importantly--how to defeat it.




Tools & robotics and gadgetsTools, robotics and gadgets galore

by Nick Arnold

Make your own jet boat, build your own robot arm, dye your own colourful T-shirt and discover the milestones in invention history! These are just some of the fun, do-at-home activities featured in STEM Quest: Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore.





by Emilie Dufresne

Look at animal adaptation in a whole new way. Of course having long legs allows a horse to run fast, but why does a jellyfish switch on its own light down in the ocean? Find out the answers to lots of odd questions like this. There's more to animal adaptation than you ever realised!



NOVCNFDIARYI'm allergic to dairy

by Shalini Vallepur

What is an allergy? And how do people know what they can and can't eat? Whether you have a diverse diet or know someone that does, find out about some of the smartest food swaps in this cookbook for a dairy-free diet. Grab your apron and head to the kitchen - it's time to cook!



Updated 01/11/2019