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Matamata-Piako Libraries have joined forces with over 180 New Zealand Libraries to be apart of EPIC (Electronic Purchasing in Collaboration). EPIC gives you access to thousands of high quality electronic publications, including NZ and international full-text journals, newspapers, magazines, photographs and graphics. 

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News, Magazines and Journals

Treaty of Waitangi Collection

The Treaty of Waitangi Collection is a living resource backed by a long-term vision for Treaty Scholarship into the twenty-first century. 

New Zealand Geographic

New Zealand Geographic brings you NZGeoTV and NZ Geo Archive with a tutorial to help you become familiar with the range of content and ways to browse it. Users can also sign up to the weekly Connect newsletter full of new content and news and background reading. The click through links allow you navigate straight through to any article which interests you.

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre - EBSCO
The Reference Centre database gives you access to abstracts and articles from international, Australian, and New Zealand magazines and newspapers. It is an excellent resource for those requiring up-to-date world, Australian and New Zealand current events information.

General OneFile
Containing million articles and updated daily, General OneFile is an ideal general research tool with huge topic coverage from contemporary art to science. Articles are available from a wide range of overseas magazines and newspapers.

MasterFILE Complete - EBSCO
This collection provides full text access to articles from over 2000 major international publications such as Time, Newsweek, and New Scientist. It also includes reference and travel works, image collection, biographies and book reviews. Covering virtually every subject area, MasterFILE is ideal for general research enquiries.

Press Reader
Read today's newspapers online in full-colour, full-page format. Over 800 newspapers, from 80 countries in 40 languages, available from New Zealand and around the world.


Literature Resource Center – Gale
This database contains critical essays and biographical information on over 100,000 authors, both historical and contemporary. A superb and comprehensive resource for students. It also includes information on major New Zealand authors.

Books & Authors
Find new books to read: search or browse by genre, author, age group, period or theme – or source find current reviews and lists of award winners. Covers young adult and children's fiction as well as some non-fiction.

Business Information

Business Reference Suite – Thomson Gale
Search across three related business and industry focussed databases:

  • Business and Industry a multi-industry database with a global focus on company, industry and product information.
  • Business and Management Practices in depth information on the processes, methods and strategies of managing a business.
  • TableBase provides access to thousands of hard-to-find tables of data for more than 90 industries.

Science, Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness Resource Centre and Alternative Health module - Gale
This database provides authoritative answers to health and medical questions from a huge range of over 700 health/medical journals and pamphlets. It covers topics like mainstream and alternative medicines, nutrition, diet, fitness, and disease. It also includes an online medical encyclopedia and links to relevant websites.

Homework Help

Discovering Collection - Gale This comprehensive database allows for searching under a range of subjects including history, literature, geography, and biographies. There is also a multimedia gallery containing photographs, graphs, maps, and sound and video clips.

Student Resources In Context- Gale
The Student Resources In Context provides cross-curricular information suitable for senior secondary school students. Students can search topics including history, literature, geography, and biographies. Also available is a multimedia gallery containing photographs, graphs, maps, and sound and video clips.

Virtual Reference Suite
Explore a collection of encyclopedias, almanacs and reference sources. Subjects include health, war, pollution, history, space science, maths, occult, food and fashion.

Who, What, Where, When?

Biography Resource Centre - Gale
This database contains an extensive range of contemporary and historical biographies of notable people including some New Zealanders. It is searchable by name, nationality, and occupation.

Contemporary Women's Issues - Gale
This contains a huge range of articles and reports on women's issues from professional and popular journals, and newspapers. It can be also searched by subject, for example, gender equity.

World History In Context - Gale
Search this database for 20th century history topics history relating to America. It features full text articles from over 100 history journals, and includes primary documents, maps, and images.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Gale
Useful database for exploring popular social issues. Opposing Viewpoints In Context is ideal for those wanting information covering both sides of contemporary issues like the GE debate. Includes topical overviews and point-of-view articles. An excellent resource for those wishing to do in-depth investigations about major contentious topics.

Childrens resources

Busy things
Fun educational games for children from Digitales. Designed for kids aged 3 - 11.

Childrens books, videos and games for pre and primary school readers. Choose to read, sing, listen, watch or play. Some items require Flash player to be installed.