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Your time travel titles seem to have gone down a treat, with works by Diana Gabaldon and Barbara Erskine getting especially favourable mention.  Interestingly, the comment was made that many of the books you read could have fitted equally into either Science Fiction or Historical.  This of course is one of the advantages of the new shelving system for fiction that you’ll have been discovering at each of the Matamata-Piako libraries:  if you’d just been looking at the shelves in the Historical genre, for example, you might have missed something equally wonderful shelved under Science Fiction. Now you’ll find everything filed by author, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find what else your favourite writers have penned in other genres.

A seismic shift in focus for next month’s book group, though:  on Friday July 7th at 4pm the group will meet to discuss the library DVDs they’ve been watching – though if your DVD player is kaput, or you prefer to read something instead, the back-up plan is Mystery.

Our DVDs are shelved in a section all their own, with both non-fiction (documentary-type) and movies available.  The documentaries are wide-ranging – everything from Top Gear specials to David Attenborough wildlife expeditions to art, dance, music, history, geography, you name it.

Other DVDs include popular movies, TV series, New Zealand classics and even one set in Te Aroha (Longing for New Zealand – in German with English subtitles!)  There’s a charge for the ‘fiction’ DVDs - $3 or $5, but the ‘non-fiction’ DVDs are free.

Looking forward to another great discussion next month : )

All the best -

The team at Matamata-Piako Libraries

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