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May book club meeting

Hi all,

A good turn-out on Friday night saw many of you coming together to discuss your non-fiction historical reads. 

(Honourable mention this time to ‘The Queen and Mrs Thatcher’ and a World War Two account, ‘The Dam Busters’.)

The pendulum has swing again, however, and the group has chosen to head back to the Fiction shelves – this time concentrating on  authors with surnames beginning U to V. 

Nicola Upson, Penny Vincenzi, Fred Vargas and many more await your reading pleasure!

The next meeting will be Friday 4th May, 4pm at Te Aroha Library.

Happy reading : )

Easter opening hours 2018


Easter opening hours

We will be closed on the Easter public holidays: Friday 30th March and Monday, 2nd April.

All 3 libraries will be open on Saturday 31st March 9am - 1.30pm, then open as normal on Tuesday 3rd April.


March book club meeting

Greetings, book-lovers book search

 The next book club meeting will be held on Friday 2nd March, 4pm at Te Aroha Library, when we’ll be discussing any book with a one word title.  Think ‘Emma’, ‘Dune’, ‘Dust’, ‘Moonraker’…  A quick wander round the shelves reveals a surprising variety of titles that fit the bill.

Enjoy the hunt, and the right book when you find it!


April book club meeting

Hail, reading folk!

There was a good gathering at the March meeting to discuss our ‘one-word titles’, and although everyone enjoyed what they’d read, this month’s Readers’ Recommendation had to be ‘Tu’, by Patricia Grace, a ‘wonderful account of the Maori Battalion in Italy told through the diary of one soldier, Tu’.

Stimulated by the historical flavour of several of our choices last month, we have chosen the category of History (non-fiction) for the April meeting.

The date for everyone's calendars is 6th April, 4pm here at Te Aroha Library.

Happy reading : )


Book Club Feb 2018

island picture

Greetings, book-lovers!

A very Happy New Year to you all.  We hope you had a relaxing break over the holidays. 

The first get-together of Te Aroha Library's book club in 2018, is on Friday February 2nd .  The topic, as you may remember, is ‘Islands’: either a book about an island (or islands), or one with the word ‘island’ in the title.  There’s still time to come and find a book  - and we do have a list of ‘possibles’ in the book group box, if you’re stuck!

See you at 4pm in Te Aroha Library : )

Happy reading!