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NZ Post Book Awards Ceremony

The Ceremony for the 2013 New Zealand Post Book Awards was held last night.

How many did you pick?

I was on the button with a few but missed more than I got right.

I do not envy the judges when they have such good quality to choose from.

It may be a hard market for publishers out there but it is obviously not the lack of talent and content which is causing the problem.


The winners:


New Zealand Post Book of the Year and Fiction winner

The Big Music by Kirsty Gunn, published by Faber & Faber.


The Darling North by Anne Kennedy, published by Auckland University Press.


Illustrated Non-fiction

Pat Hanly by Gregory O'Brien and Gil Hanly, published by Ron Sang Publications.


General Non-fiction

Civilisation: Twenty Places on the Edge of the World by Steve Braunias, published by Awa Press.


Nielsen Booksellers' Choice

Shelter from the Storm: The Story of New Zealand's Backcountry Huts, by Shaun Barnett, Rob Brown and Geoff Spearpoint,

  published by Craig Potton Publishing.


People's Choice

Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand, by Jarrod Gilbert, published by Auckland University Press.


Maori Language Award Winner

Nga Waituhi O Rehua by Katarina Te Heikoko Mataira, published by Huia Publishing.

Those previously announced:


NZSA Best First Book Poetry

Graft by Helen Heath, published by Victoria University Press.
NZSA Best First Book Fiction

I Got His Blood On Me by Lawrence Patchett, published by Victoria University Press.
NZSA Best First Book Non-fiction

Moa: The Life and Death of New Zealand's Legendary Bird by Quinn Berentson, published by Craig Potton Publishing.


Another submitted poem

My family


My family means the most to me
It's big and loud and fill of life..


We have our ups and downs
That's life...


We share them all
and grown with it


My family has changed this last six months


Even with change
we grow stronger with life....


Pen to paper

Poem submitted


Written by: The Gobbler


I caress you and treat you with respect
Lovingly massage you with my flying stubs
You know my need; you can feel it humming within
All you can say is "Bleep"
How am I supposed to respond to that?


Shaking my head I try again
Maybe a different angle another approach
Maybe low and slow … "be gentle with me" I whisper
"Arrgh … no please don't shut me out"
All you can say is "Bleep"
How am I supposed to respond to that?


With calming breaths I refocus my need
We've been here before; it's not the first time
It's all about your boundaries and how I insert
All you can say is "Bleep"
How am I supposed to respond to that?


Yes yes yes! This rings true
I can feel it trembling, heightening my need
Slamming it home, I'm on top of the world
All you can say is "Bleep"
How am I supposed to react to that?

Another poem


by Vernal E. Quinnocks


I'm almost sure
we've never had
bulbs bloom
this soon…


I don't recall 
the lambs and calves
coming quite
this early…


I can't believe 
my baby girl
is turning thirty…


And someone said
the other day
I'd qualify
to join the Grey
Power and they
were jolly lucky not to get a swift slap around the chops
with my lovely new
Gold Card.

National Poetry Day

Friday 16 August is National Poetry Day (in association with the New Zealand Book Awards)

Email us a poem or drop it in to us by 14 August and we will publish it here on our website to celebrate National Poetry Day.