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We've had an influx of new books in the last 2 months thanks to our suppliers (christmas rush), too many to list, and some really good titles. I know my reading list has got a lot longer (and i thought i was tackling it with gusto already :)), so many books and not enough time (sigh) lol. We've new Non-fiction featuring some of New Zealands incredible landscape (Rivers & Waiheke to name 2), Christmas cooking and crafts (Christmas is only 6 weeks away). Childrens and Adult fiction from some of our most popular authors (I do so love Mr Gaiman). So check out the displays at your library (pretty books), the library opac (for those specific titles and authors), or just ask one of friendly Librarians. Happy Reading.

Ngaio Marsh Awards 2013

The Ngaio Marsh Awards are awarded to authors in the New Zealand field of great Mystery Thriller authors and here are four titles that have made the short list:

Death on Demand by Paul Thomas (Hachette NZ)

The Laughterhouse by Paul Cleave (Penguin)

Faceless by Vanda Symon (Penguin)

Little Sister by Julian Novitz (Random House).

Check the libraries for a copy we've all four titles.

For further information check out Facebook Ngaio Marsh Awards

Big Library Read returns with Fancy Nancy

The Big Library Read returns on Overdrive with a childrens book in both ebook and audiobook format.

All you young Fancy Nancy fans can read her Super sleuth title until the 30th September.

Many thanks to Jane O'Connor for making this book available worldwide for this time.

More Fancy Nancy books can be found in our libraries in both the First Reader and Picture Book areas