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Te Aroha Book Club

...learn about someone else's world...

A grand turn-out on Friday, and many thanks for all the feedback you gave to Lorraine about how you’d like book group to operate. Your top reads in the ‘chunky tome’ category look to have been ‘Kalinda’ by Evan Green, and ‘Paris’ by Edward Rutherfurd. Congratulations on your stamina, everyone – those were some BIG books!

The topic you’ve chosen for the next meeting (on Friday March 1st, 4pm at Te Aroha Library) is ‘Biographies’. Remember these are scattered throughout the non-fiction section, according to subject areas, e g sport, music, royals etc. Fortunately they all wear a tell-tale ‘Biography’ sticker on their spines. If it’s all too daunting, do come and ask one of your friendly librarians for a spot of assistance – it’s what we’re here for :)

Enjoy your month of entering into someone else’s life!

Ngā mihi nui

The Library Team